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Vegan mac n cheese using mostly Daiya. (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

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Tips to increase your mile time.


Tips to increase your mile time.



“Running is flying*”

*When you walk, one foot is always on the ground. When you run, most of the time you are actually airborne. For example: a 6-foot-tall runner with feet about 1 foot long was found to take 1,250 steps while running 8-minute miles. Thus, while covering 1 mile—5,280 feet—he was in touch with the ground for 1,250 feet and airborne for 4,030 feet.

Put another way, he was in the air for 76% of the time. So don’t think of it as a 10-mile run. Think of it as 7 miles of flying.

“Running is Flying”

By: Paul E. Richardson

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